• side1newHard water causes a buildup in furnaces, water heaters, humidifiers, coffee machines, dishwashers and clothes washers. Soft water will reverse this build-up to its original state.


      • Soaps cling to the hardness in the water leaving a film and spots on everything it touches.


      • Cleaning with soft water can save 75-90% of soaps and detergents. A family of 4 would save approximately $250 per year.


      • Bathing in soft water can reduce or eliminate psoriasis, eczema and dry itchy skin.


      • Reduce film and spots on bathtubs, shower doors and chrome taps.


      • Razor blades last longer.


      • Soft water is better for your septic, what ruins septic systems are soaps and detergents that are non-biodigradable, having a water softener would save 75 – 90 percent of the soaps from going into the septic system.
      • It is an absolute must for a new home.